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Our Story

KCDSC didn’t start as a community development center. In 1983, the Korean Crime Prevention Committee was established to promote the safety of Korean business owners in Philadelphia in the midst of a spate of violent crime in the area. But soon, the founding members of the Committee realized that the community had more comprehensive need.

The Committee became the Korean Community Development Services Center in 1985. The name change signaled a broader vision – to address the felt needs of the surrounding community by providing the types of services that allowed community members to better their lives. Included in this vision was a commitment to serve the entire Greater Olney community, then as now made up of a diverse assortment of ethnic groups and cultures.

In 1985, KCDSC began its service operation with one part-time staff member and a budget of $25,000. Gradually, KCDSC grew, establishing a comprehensive roster of community service programs which, over the years, has included job counseling and placement, an early learning center, an after-school tutoring program for children, summer youth employment programs, adult literacy education, elderly social security and Medicaid services, a HUD approved housing counseling program, and a housing development program. More information about current KCDSC programs can be accessed from the homepage.

KCDSC continues to serve the community, looking for new opportunities to provide valuable support services to those who have need.

That’s our story. It’s one of change, adaptation, and, ultimately, growth. We’re confident that these elements will continue to be a part of Greater Olney’s story as well.