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After School Program

Korean Center currently administers after school programs in Morrison Elementary School, Olney Elementary School, and the Annex to Olney Elementary School. The after school programs combine review of in-class material with supplemental activities meant to broaden students’ learning horizons.

KCDSC’s after-school programs mainly focus on providing students with assistance on the completion of their homework assignments, as many of the students served have difficulty understanding the material presented in class. KCDSC’s after-school teachers, many of whom are also teachers at the respective elementary school being served, step in to offer these students extra instruction. Often, this takes the form of giving the students different techniques to tackle difficult subject matter. For example, our after-school teachers will teach students struggling with learning multiplication four different ways to multiply the same two numbers with the hope that at least one of those new ways will suit the student’s learning strengths.

KCDSC also administers an eight week, full-day, summer school program that features classroom learning as well as numerous field trips.

Korean Center receives funding for after school programs from the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation, which administers funding that the City receives from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Morrison Elementary
After-School Program

5100 N 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19120
(215) 456-3004

Olney Elementary
After-School Program

5301 N Water St
Philadelphia, PA 19120
(215) 456-3003