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The Creative Curriculum focuses on several objectives for development and learning. It incorporates a balance of small group, large group and independent learning experiences that center around the child. Read below to learn more about the goals that our educational experiences expose your children to.

Science & Technology

● Using scientific inquiry skills
● Demonstrating knowledge of the characteristics of living things and earth’s environment

Language & Literacy

● Noticing rhyme, alliteration, naming letters and letter sounds
● Appreciating books, responding to texts, retelling stories
● Writing name


● Using number concepts and operations (counting, quantifying)
● Exploring and describing spatial relationships and shapes
● Comparing, measuring, recognizing patterns

Art & Music

● Exploring visual art, musical concepts, dance and drama

Social Studies

● Showing basic understanding about self,  people and how they live
● Exploring change related to familiar people or places
● Demonstrating simple geographic knowledge


● Demonstrating traveling skills, balancing skills
● Fine motor (small muscle) skills with drawing/writing tools
● Gross motor (large muscle) skills

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