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Senior Social Services

They say age is just a number but the reality is that seniors face unique challenges and issues that many people don’t understand or overlook. Here at the Korean Community Development Center, we do our best to provide critical services to our senior community members. If you need help applying to Medicare or Medicaid or need any other type of assistance, please call 215-276-8830.

Bilingual and Citizenship Education

Becoming a citizen of the United States of America is not the simple process that many people think it is. In fact, many of the questions that are on the citizenship tests are questions that even those that are born in this country have a hard time answering. A sample list of these questions can be found here.

Here at the KoreanCenter, we understand that for elderly who have limited English proficiency, (LEP), becoming a citizen can seem like a nearly impossible task. Our Bilingual and Citizenship Education class is a private one on one session that occurs, Monday and Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Through this session, we strive to prepare limited English proficiency (LEP) elderly for the citizenship test. To make an appointment, please call 215-276-8830.


Social Security and Medicaid Services

The elderly sometimes have a harder time communicating with the public service agencies such as the Social Security Administration and County Public Assistance agencies in obtaining services such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and Medicaid assistance. The social service program staff works closely with the public service agencies and provides translation and interpretation for the elderly so that they may obtain the necessary services.

Housing Referrals for Low-Income Housing

Most of the elderly are eligible for low-income housing assistance (Section 8 ) but they are unable to apply for the service. Our social services staff provides the necessary assistance so that the elderly may obtain low-income housing assistance.